A place to relax and enjoy.
We serve delicious

When was the last time you drank a good cup of coffee? Or eat a sandwich or home cooked meal that was delicious and healthy? Or homemade cakes? At Cortado Cafe of course!

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Fresh start

From 09:00 in the morning we are ready to give you a 'fresh start' for the rest of your day. Choice of delicious pastries with a cup of coffee, or do you go for a hearty sandwich with a fresh orange juice. Why not both in our all-in Cortado breakfast! Come and start your day with Cortado.


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Warming up

We really do not want to brag, but, yes, we just have the best coffee in Delft. LAT61 is our brand and we are proud. One of the coffee brands currently in the top ranks of the Dutch coffee tables. Drink your coffee black or with milk. Are you a tea drinker? Then we have a tip; Take our Cortado herbal tea! Delicious and super healthy, you will be surprised!


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Been 12.00? Time to refuel! Delicious vegetarian organic sandwiches, eat them hot or cold, choose sweet or savory with a tasty homemade juice or organic fresh soda. Balance? Then choose one of our responsible smoothies packed with vitamins and minerals.


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Cool down

Too hot? Come and cool off with one of our healthy self-defined smoothies, freshly squeezed juices or biosoda. Biosoda? Yes it really exists, healthier versions of Coke! Come see and taste!


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Sweetly baked

Our heavenly homemade cakes made ‘from scratch’ in our own kitchen. With a lot of passion en bio products. We can’t say more about it, you just have to taste visit us and taste!


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In between

Too busy to come to us and chill out, have a snack in the form of our delicious organic bars. Chocolate, nuts, cereal, you name it, we got it!

Are you with a group and you have something to celebrate? Or do you have a business meeting? With us you can book with ease!

We make sure that you start the day cheerfully with a perfect espresso and / or a nice breakfast with a delicious smoothie.

You are welcome to Cortado Cafe!